Mission Statement

Spaniels in the Field & Flushing Retrievers (SITFFR), is a not for profit 501(C)(3) foundation. Our goals are:

  • To support and preserve all the traditional flushing gun dog breeds
  • To support conservation efforts as they relate to preserving wild hunting space
  • To foster a conservation ethic by educating the public, especially youth
  • To pass our hunting heritage to the next generation

Our acronym “SITFFR” pronounced “sit far” provides a visual image of perhaps a great grandchild of your own, hunting afield, with a flushing retriever sitting by their best friend´s side, the two of them on the same quest. Apart they would fail woefully, but together they are formidable. We envision the flushing retriever of the future out pursuing natural, genetic instinct afield in a sustainable green environment.

Scott Winston
Board of Director SITFFR

Advisory Committee

Mr.Tim Bontecou | Mrs.Johanna Shafer | Mrs. Larissa VanDuser